At Df2020 our mission is to develop business centric solutions which transform the way that people present and consume complex knowledge such as regulatory, statutory, policy, legal and procedural practices. Our chatbot technology is aimed at all industries and organisations who are impacted by regulation. We are a Microsoft IP Partner and are closely aligned with their partner and co-sell initiatives.
Chatbot Author is a regulatory focussed Windows 10 Azure application which empowers users to create chatbots in hours with a no code approach. An industry agnostic solution, to transform complex knowledge into knowledge maps which can then be presented, across any digital touchpoint in the form of a chatbot. Chatbot Author automatically records user journeys generating a new form of big data which can be used to improve knowledge transfer and decision making. Available globally on a subscription basis, Chatbot Author is compatible or can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and QnA Maker.

Df2020 was invited to talk with Microsoft on the subject of digital transformation in the public sector. This short video was filmed at Microsoft's campus in Reading as part of a more in-depth television programme for the Sky Business Channel.

Conversational Procedures

✓ Create professional chatbots quickly

✓ Get started easily

✓ Collaborate to link knowledge

✓ Communicate one version of the truth

✓ Evolve through actionable insights

✓ Deliver transformative benefits

Chatbot Author Benefits

Risk management & Compliance
  • Balance sheet is strengthened through reduced risks and provisions for pay-outs.
  • Provide better protection to directors and senior staff against personal liabilities.
  • Safeguard employees and customers through compliance automation.
Management Insights
  • View real-time results in Chatbot Author or integrate data seamlessly with Microsoft’s Power BI for advanced analytics.
  • Improved business intelligence – learn how people are accessing information, how it’s being used and where you could be losing efficiencies.
Productivity and efficiency
  • Instant access to information across any digital touchpoint – designed for the modern workplace.
  • Workforce flexibility through instant knowledge enabling.
  • Upskilling at the point of need.
  • Simplification and streamlining of procedural knowledge.
  • Rapid and easy implementation
Business development
  • Develop new intellectual property in the form of working and measurable knowledge assets.
  • Potential for new revenue streams offered through regulation-as-a-service.
  • Provide staff training



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