If you advise or offer services to other firms, Df2020’s disruptive technology can offer you that something more. You can transfer your knowledge into our technology, and market that product / service to your clients.

Benefits for third parties:

  • New opportunities for outsourcing Policies and Procedures as a service
  • More effective means to audit current Policies and Procedures
  • Digital Transformation of business processes
  • Build new intellectual property and revenues
  • Create and commercialise utility services offering your expertise, presenting a new way to scale.

Enabling deeper and consistent dialogue for client self-service and self-sufficiency.

As a consultant who advises or offers services to other firms, Df2020 can offer you that extra dimension to your propositions. It can help you convert your knowledge into easy to use technology enabling decisions to be made more quickly and accurately. This service offers you the chance to build a unique new product / service to deliver bespoke updates based upon your client’s precise needs.

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Df2020’s disruptive technology enables you to digitally transform your policies, procedures, rules and regulations which in turn will increase productivity, reduce the cost and overhead of compliance, reduce risk and therefore improve profitability.

Enabling deeper and consistent dialogue for employee and customer self-service and self-sufficiency.

Chatbot Author can also add value to current bids which your business is vying for by adding an extra dimension to the service you might be offering.

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Government & Public Sector

Across the board government and public sector bodies are under increasing pressure to reduce costs whilst offering better services to a growing and ageing population. These bodies more than any other sector/industry are governed by policies, procedures and guidelines. Df2020’s disruptive technology empowers a generation of change for this sector, digital transformation of policies, procedures and guidelines allows for sector and nationwide collaboration, increased efficiency, reduced operating costs and allows decisions to be made more quickly and accurately. A great example would be Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within police forces, and development of self-service models within the health sector.

DF2020’s Chatbot Author can also add an extra dimension to potential bids and assist in securing funding by offering a differentiator to the competition.

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Do you have some knowledge that you know will be useful to others in similar circumstances – it maybe a professional knowledge or something else – Df2020 technology is a simple way to be able to demonstrate and share that knowledge.

Script and publish your own Chatbots to help others, or just for fun, digitally transform instructions, how-to guides or even a fun quiz. We all want to connect whether it’s on a personal level or in a business environment. Our users have created maps from topics around health, cyber security, crisis management, to how to choose make up and so much more. Share your Chatbots via Social media.

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