The challenge for knowledge workers

The knowledge to perform many tasks is rapidly growing in complexity and there is little assistance available to knowledge workers to make their tasks easier to perform. The historic methods of creation are difficult to use, almost impossible to maintain and then communicate.

The need for a digital knowledge strategy

In the rapid-cycle of continuing change, the need for accurate knowledge to make informed and timely decisions is a business imperative. This need has been amplified by the extensive and continual growth of regulatory and other types of rules, which increases permutation complexity, meaning that perceived negligence and non-compliance continue to increase. Examples in just the UK are:

  1. Grenfell Tower Fire and Building Regulations;
  2. NHS £56bn+ provisions for compensation;
  3. £44bn+ UK pay-outs for mis-sold payment protection insurance;
  4. £14.9bn UK annual costs of work-related injury.

The priority knowledge for digital transformation

Decision-based knowledge, is found in so many documents: policies, regulations, statutes, assessments, standard operating procedures, manuals and instructions. Procedures are instilled in order to prevent negligence, errors, false positives and false negatives, but the very nature of the way they are presented today is not fit for purpose and is often making the situation worse.

Help is at hand for fast and effective development

Df2020’s Chatbot Author (scripted dialogue) and Microsoft’s QnA Maker (single question / single answer) are the latest effective tools for knowledge workers to create chatbots as working, measurable knowledge assets. With the added benefit of using the dialogue-data as emergent evidence, promoting compliance automation and continual improvement. Chatbot Author will make the knowledge workers job easier, more interesting and productive. It will also critically make the knowledge review and editing process more simplified, streamlined and effective, prior to publication and updating in the future.

Extending human knowledge into intellectual property

Each knowledge worker can develop their own growing portfolio of chatbots containing digital knowledge. This means their knowledge is available through chatbots 24/7 for as many parallel conversations as needed, enabling informed and timely decisions, on any digital device or channel, using text or voice, real-time language translation, from any location, and inside and outside an organisation.

Beneficial outcomes

The knowledge worker can leverage their digital knowledge in many ways from generating new income, to helping others globally. The beneficial outcomes to themselves, employers and customers are profound through:

  1. enable self-service at scale;
  2. upskill the workforce;
  3. automated and streamlining the use of procedures;
  4. smarter choices, pathways and outcomes;
  5. reduced risk at all levels;
  6. real-time decision transparency enabling a full audit trail;
  7. doing more for less through smarter efficiency and effectiveness;
  8. enriching and extending the boundaries of knowledge;
  9. automate the capture of behaviour and patterns.

It is easy to start now

Chatbot Author Advanced is an extremely cost-effective monthly subscription-based solution, which can be downloaded in seconds from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 or the Microsoft Store for Business. There is no need to set up billing instructions as the entire process is managed via your Microsoft account. Available on Windows 10 means that users can benefit from enterprise grade security. Chatbot Author automatically generates software, which is frictionlessly linked into your Azure Botframework for deployment across digital touchpoints. There are some 230m Knowledge Workers that can benefit by creating, sharing, measuring and evolving chatbots as digital knowledge. Start now and use Chatbot Author Advanced for scripted dialogue.


Microsoft Store for Windows 10 

Microsoft Store for Business.