Experts in streamlining complex knowledge, underpinned by our flagship product, Chatbot Author

The Chatbot revolution is upon us and getting left behind is not an option. Our goal is to inspire our clients to transform their knowledge into a valuable assets, empower them to evolve with confidence and continually create profitable new revenue generating opportunities.

Chatbot Author


Chatbot Author is our flagship Windows 10 Azure Platform which empowers everyone to create professional standard scripted chatbots much faster than ever before. Fully integrated into the Microsoft Bot Framework, Chatbot Author enables everyone to create, share and measure their own human-controlled chatbots, thereby increasing productivity. Using Azure to store the automated capture of dialogue data, for the first time you are able to transform complex knowledge into a valuable form of new big data, for audit, measurement and patterns, thereby generating real-time business intelligence.


DF2020 are pioneers in Chatbot Technology and have spent years developing and creating solutions for financial services and the health sector to name a few. Proven expertise and thought leaders, we can deliver significant value to organisations who wish to start on their Chatbot journeys.


We specialise in the improvement of individual decision making by simplifying and streamlining the use of complex knowledge, across all digital touchpoints and devices. Complex Knowledge is the blended use of regulatory, statutory, policy, legal and procedural practices which impacts all public sectors and industries.

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Drive services by knowing more about your prospects, clients, employees and suppliers. Use conversation to gain richer and deeper insights, compared to traditional surveys and questionnaires.

By truly understanding needs then you can strategically plan your future with the confidence that wherever your roadmap is headed – it is the right direction.


DF2020’s Survey Author, underpinned by our unique technology enables everybody to create, share, measure and evolve questionnaires and surveys, which can be shared across multiple touchpoints and devices. Furthermore, these can be enriched with Chatbot Author’s many capabilities to form an all-encompassing digital way to communicate, a chatbot can trigger a survey or automatically trigger a deeper conversation in context to the survey findings.


In an economy driven by knowledge and data, gain the competitive advantage by having accurate Chatbot Author insights to act on.

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Stunning, interactive reports and dashboards to enable enterprise grade Chatbot Author insights and analytic capabilities. Explore data and gain insights from any chatbot dialogue-data generated by Chatbot Author . Make quick, informed decisions in context. Increase the level of your business intelligence and feel more confident with data-driven decisions.


By integrating Microsoft’s powerful Power BI solution, we can instantly offer; globally secure, compliant, scalable and flexible data visualisation dashboards.


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Commercialise Complex Knowledge and gain valuable insights to continually evolve. Create utility Chatbot services and generate new revenue streams, whilst benefitting from a new form of big data. DF2020 have the experience and expertise to co-develop multi faceted conversation-as-a-service utilities, by leveraging our partner network we can incorporate all of the latest communication and analysis capabilities.

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