Chatbots – Market Update 108; week-ending 26 May 2018

Microsoft buys Chatbot Start-up as the acquisition market starts to evolve As the battle of chatbots intensifies the tech titans are buying chatbot firms that can give a competitive differentiation. It is now Microsoft’s turn as they acquire Semantic Machines, Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 107; week-ending 19 May 2018

GDPR is becoming a bigger problem for USA firms There is a very interesting issue related to GDPR that has emerged from the USA. Very simply, USA firms that adhere to GDPR, but do not apply at least the same Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 106; week-ending 11 May 2018

Is Machine versus Human a suitable sense-making framework for AI? AI (Artificial Intelligence) including derivatives such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) have become increasingly popular, at least within conversations by the growing and growing ‘in crowd’. AI is a generic Learn more

John Rawlings, Co-founder of DF2020 Contributes to Health & Safety at Work (May Edition) – “Time To Chat”

John Rawlings Co-founder of DF2020 Contributes to Health & Safety at Work (May Edition) – “Time To Chat” “Even seasoned professionals sometimes scratch their heads at applying unfamiliar regulations. Could chatbots be the answer? Elaine Knutt reports. If you’ve browsed Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 105; week-ending 4 May 2018

The convergence of Legacy Systems and FinTech using chatbots    Legacy Systems remain problematic. Legacy Systems constrain change enablement. FinTech accelerates change. Legacy Systems are costly and slow to change. FinTech is inexpensive and quick to change. The knowledge to Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 104; week-ending 27 April 2018

Chatbots provide hope for easy to understand consent, post GDPR! We are all being inundated with requests for consent to continue using services as the GDPR deadline rapidly comes closer and closer. Many of us are not finding the consent Learn more

Df2020 contribute to Spryker White Paper

Spryker have recently published a white paper entitled, “Is Conversational Commerce your Best Acquisition and Retention Channel?”. Freddie McMahon, Thought Leader at Df2020 discusses the latest trends in the chatbot market, a look to the future and how this might Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 103; week-ending 20 April 2018

Chatbots provide the means to go beyond the constraints of legacy systems, but who will lead this transformational change?    After so much innovation and disruptive technologies, the issues surrounding legacy systems still prevail at scale. For example, Global Banks Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 102; week-ending 13 April 2018

Chatbots are growing and growing as a new form of intangibles Chatbots are gaining more and more momentum throughout the public and private sectors, worldwide. Now is the time to consider chatbots from a wider perspective. Chatbots are emerging as Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 101; week-ending 6 April 2018

Microsoft’s Chatbot in India is highly popular Ruuh is the name of a social chatbot in India as an initiative by Microsoft. In ‘her’ first year, Ruuh has achieved more than: 40 million conversations 10,000 followers Ruuh blends EQ and Learn more