Chatbot Author Advanced Features

✓ Available worldwide through the Microsoft Store

✓ Single sign-on using Microsoft Account

✓ Windows 10 and Azure software-as-a-service

✓ Codeless platform – build software using a no-code approach

✓ 8 GB Azure storage


✓ Build Knowledge Maps using symbolic logic for choices, pathways and outcomes

✓ Build Data Input tables for contextual forms, checklists and surveys

✓ Symbol properties support for dialogue scripts, data input, pictures and video

✓ Support branching logic

✓ Ensures logical completeness

✓ Link pathways to other Knowledge Maps including from other authors

✓ Test chatbot dialogue and trace journey pathways

✓ Import and export Knowledge Maps


✓ Generate chatbot software from each Knowledge Map

✓ Frictionless interoperability with your Botframework Azure instance

✓ Omnichannel publishing for 14 channels including Microsoft Teams

✓ Automate chatbot updates ensuring latest version is used across all channels

✓ Capture and store dialogue-data and data input in your own SQL

✓ The user decision journey masks the complexity of the knowledge fabric


✓ New type of Big Data

✓ Identify channel used for interaction

✓ Automated capture of each Dialogue-Step

✓ Dialogue-Step contains the full narrative of the interaction

✓ Each Dialogue-Step is data and time stamped

✓ Data input is captured in context to the dialogue pathway

✓ Full transparent and traceable audit trail

✓ Dialogue efficiency Leader Board

✓ Visualization of user decision journeys by volume and time

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