User Generated Interactive Content

We strongly believe that UGIC is the future and delivers possibilities far beyond the traditional and accepted information search and Q&A methods in use today. The fundamental difference between traditional methods and UGIC – is that the first simply finds information – whilst the latter not only provides pinpoint precision location capabilities through numerous complex layers of knowledge, but more importantly, it enables the recipient to unlock, as well as harness, the true value relevant to making decisions. Df2020 automatically provides a fully documented audit trail. This not only ensures the knowledge pathway and outcome is captured forever but also enables the user to communicate to others for actionable insights. These pathways can be easily modified by the author through contextual feedback as new thinking evolves. This approach accelerates knowledge evolution through learning at the edge.

Know-How is king

Know-how is defined as a practical knowledge, a skill or expertise. And as is so often the case, the simplest of ideas are often the most complex – the steps to accessing the know-how contained within Df2020 may look simple, but in most cases the know-how has been distilled from multiple information pools contained in numerous files and documents hidden in many different sources and from knowledge in people’s heads.

We believe that Df2020 will fundamentally change everyone’s attitude to creating, as well as acquiring, sharing and measuring knowledge. In line with the never ending quest for new thinking and ideas, Df2020 provides a completely interactive experience and empowers authors to create and spread previously hard to find know-how, like never before. Viewers benefit from being able to constantly access new knowledge sources, and they also have the ability to collaborate with the publisher directly to provide constructive feedback, in a concise and easy-to-use format. And it does not end there, with the right permission, new knowledge sources can be republished and made available to even more people or communities, wherever they are – who in turn, through the power of Df2020, will derive significant knowledge gains.

These days’ time is a very precious commodity and all people want is fast, access to meaningful knowledge sources which at the same time eliminates unnecessary background noise and delivers ‘know-how’ as an invaluable knowledge asset whether for private or public consumption. Just imagine the productivity gains, not to mention the social rewards that could be achieved, if all the information you accessed was pre-organised and made available in simple step-by-step decision pathways which guide you very quickly, to clearly-sign posted and relevant outcomes?

Tried, tested but tired

All the modern search engines, without question, point the user to multiple information sources. But therein lies the problem, the reader is then faced with having to make ‘informed choices’ from an array of fundamentally passive data points, be it blogs, social media, video, podcasts etc., all of which may not be relevant to their specific needs. The end result of this interaction, is often frustration as this approach is at best time consuming and labour intensive and does not always deliver the desired outcome. Eliminating, bad, misleading or inappropriate content overload is what Df2020 is all about.

Connected thinking

The ‘connected thinking’ capabilities of Df2020 are truly game changing. Today, as change accelerates, everyone is looking for new ways to unlock know-how to support their products, services or knowledge in the global economy. Coupled with this, most organizations also want their customers to be more self-sufficient, and consumers themselves expect to have more self-service options. But to deliver this requires a fundamental change in the way both parties interact and communicate. Df2020 solves this conundrum.

Df2020’s aim is to transform the delivery of knowledge into dynamic, interactive content which is measurable and is easily accessible by anyone, anywhere, on any device. This means that the days of having to produce reams of copy to document complex company policies, create technical user manuals, deliver overly complicated loan or mortgage procedures and even follow hard-to-fathom cooking recipes are numbered. This is the first time that the corporate user and the private individual, whether an author or a viewer, has via our interactive Df-Maps, the ability to more quickly create and share the value from what has been traditionally produced using labour intensive and potentially flawed written materials.

No limits – endless possibilities

Another compelling aspect of Df2020 is there are literally no limits to the possibilities it provides – and is appropriate for every size and type of organization and every type of individual, whether an author or a viewer. The opportunities to benefit, socially, commercially or as a private individual, from this “new world approach” to knowledge sharing and connected thinking are endless.

Know-how for all…fact or fiction?

Despite all the advances that have been made over the last 100 years in the areas of healthcare, education, global communications capabilities and in living conditions generally, there are still massive discrepancies between ‘The haves’ and ‘The have nots’ of this world. The idea of providing access for everyone on the planet to proper and readily available medical care or effective education facilities should be a right, not an accident of birth, and is a view shared by many. But the road to achieving this is fraught with difficulties, not just economically but culturally as well.

The explosion of mobile device usage across the globe – estimated to be over two billion users by 2016 – and currently equates to more than one quarter of the world’s population – is enabling more and more people from a variety of diverse backgrounds and geographical regions, to access more and more information. But just having access to information is not the answer, particularly for those living in challenging circumstances or in under-developed countries. The effort to totally eradicate polio across the globe, led by Bill and Melinda Gates, is an exemplary example of a desire to truly improve the living conditions of those less fortunate. But even with the vast resources at their disposal, they too have been hampered in this quest by radical cultural and practical obstacles. If only Df2020 had been available at the start of their polio eradication program. Just imagine how much more could have been achieved if much needed ‘on the ground medical advice’ on immunization and prevention procedures had been available to those local doctors and support groups, based in remote communities or in highly volatile environments, where ‘outside help’ is often viewed with suspicion or downright hostility.

Df2020 transforms the way in which we communicate and collaborate and empowers the distribution of know-how faster and more efficiently than ever before. It provides unprecedented access to rich sources of badly needed expertise or experience, creating unique ‘knowledge communities or guilds’ which in turn will help people become more self-organizing and self-sufficient. We believe that in a very short period of time Df2020 will make fast easy access to invaluable know-how repositories for all…fact not fiction.

Caring and sharing

The implications for the healthcare sector are immense. Df2020 enables reputable publishers – be it doctors, research scientists, nursing staff or health charities to produce, and share validated interactive healthcare information, providing the ability to more accurately self-diagnose a particular symptom or condition – to potentially over two billion people worldwide – which until now was just a pipe dream. Today, that dream is a reality. The impact of being able to quickly share new medical advances or simply standardize best practice treatment policies has global implications for every single person on the planet and could literally help to improve and/or save countless lives.

Corporate memory lock down

Irrespective of whether you are a global organization with many employees across multiple geographies and time zones grappling with the age old problem of standardizing and sharing harmonized working policies or procedures, or a smaller business, the challenges surrounding the creation, harnessing and sharing of critical knowledge sources are pretty much the same. For example, the haemorrhaging of corporate knowledge and the negative impact it could have on a firm’s ability to protect competitive advantage, or to exploit wealth development opportunities are all too common problems. Not any more, Df2020’s unique ability to create and store valuable knowledge assets will go a long way towards ensuring corporate memory is locked down and does not walk out the door when individuals leave.

The scope and opportunities Df2020 provides to enrich the lives and experiences of so many is quite literally mind blowing.

Uses of Df-Maps

Fundamentally Df-Maps are knowledge assets which are published by the Chatbot Author. Once published each Df-Map is assigned a unique http address which can be distributed privately or publicly through email, Twitter or Facebook. Already there is growing demand and some Df-Map owners are looking to sell this knowledge in the open marketplace.


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