DF2020 generation two technology for iOS

Our generation two technology was designed for those who want to engage in authoring and publishing their own Chatbots and inviting those that they wish to engage with scripted dialogue. There are three elements to the solution involving Apple and Amazon technologies.


Df2020 Author is an Apple mobile app designed for users to create a Chatbot with scripted dialogue in the form of pathways and outcomes in a new type of media called a Df-Map. The author is aided by representing the dialogue using a combination of symbols, narrative and inbuilt checks to ensure ‘connected thinking’. For more advanced users, there are additional levels of functionality that can be added, including the ability to link different Chatbots together. There are endless applications from ‘codifying’ know-how to developing an interactive book, with each Chatbot becoming a new chapter!

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Df2020 CLOUD

Df2020 Cloud uses Amazon to store the published Chatbots for access by both the Df2020 Author and Df2020 Viewer. This includes the ability for an author to give permission to others to access a Df-Map via email, Facebook or Twitter; enabling new versions of the Df-Map being automatically updated once users are online; delivering feedback and ‘Likes’ from the Df2020 Viewer users to the Df2020 Author.


Df2020 Viewer is an Apple mobile app designed for users to interact along the Df-Map pathways they choose to reach the best-fit outcome. The user always has the latest Chabot available so that the author can ensure their audience always converses with the latest version of the Chatbot. An audit trail is kept for each conversation, which can be printed or sent as an attachment to a message. This can be useful if the Chatbot has been used for self-diagnosis.

* Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch. This app is optimised for iPhone 5

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