Merlin Stone, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, School of Management and Social Sciences, St Mary’s University, Twickenham

“This approach, stunning in its simplicity and revolutionary in its aspiration, will help transform the generation and delivery of expertise in ways that I have dreamt of for years!”

Paul McCarthy, Principal at The Mizen Group

“Having worked for some time, through Mizen Group and in previous positions, with both John and Freddie, we are extremely enthusiastic about what DF2020 has to offer through its Chatbot Author technology and the advisory services they provide. We believe that in financial services, particularly in the compliance and regulation departments, there are numerous opportunities to help organisations automate processes and specifically in our case, aid the investigation around Anti Money Laundering and Fraud alerts. Furthermore, the insights delivered through the captured audit trail delivers a new form of artificial intelligence.

We have not seen anything elsewhere like the technology that Chatbot Author brings and consider the benefits to be transformative.”

Paul Sizeland, Former Director of Economic Development at City of London Corporation

“I have followed with interest the progress of Df2020 since I was introduced to the concept of knowledge maps several years ago when the company was in its earlier stages of development.

Having now witnessed how the Chatbot Author product has developed, I can see its potential and the opportunity for organisations to improve the management of their regulatory obligations and at the same time potentially reduce the cost of compliance and risk which is significant and growing.

I would not hesitate to recommend Df2020 services or products to organisations wishing to understand Chatbot technology, its various forms and the benefits that can be achieved through their use.”

Professor Pat Schofield, Deputy Dean, Research & Income Generation –  Anglia Ruskin University

“We have worked closely with Df2020 and their Chatbot Author technology over the last year, after they supported our application for successful funding for a feasibility study around Lower Back Pain management for Older Adults.

We believe that the introduction of Chabot technology and in particular Df2020’s Chatbot Author to work in collaboration with us to build self-management solutions will deliver significant benefits to the 40% of older adults who suffer pain, and reduce the current number of GP appointments which currently stand at 4.6m per annum.

In turn we believe this will reduce the number of people that currently become more frail and will therefore have a dramatic positive effect on the cost burden to services such as the NHS and other Social Services. For example, reducing admission to long term care for one person for one year, can save £26000.

We very much look forward to continuing our work with Df2020 who not only deliver effective technology but thought leadership around services and the wider use of Chatbot technology and Microsoft capability.”

Sasha Karakusevic, NHS Horizons leading transformational change in health and care

“We are working on many challenges where the complexity of our processes means that we cannot be certain that patients get high quality and reliable responses from us. We are making lots of traditional changes including improving training, seeking to simplify procedures etc but we have concerns that, on their own, this won’t be enough. 

We have started to explore what AI could do to help.  Our work with Df2020 has helped us to understand what is possible and is helping to build our confidence and expertise to test the technology in our environment.”

Leif Edvinsson, The World’s First Professor on Intellectual Capital

“We are in a Mind transition and Renewal period of Reparadigming from old Knowledge Management onto clarifying the Navigation Complexity of Intelligence and Intellectual Capital by the new Chatbot Author tools. Happy Future.”

Lisa Alderson, Director Alderson Consulting limited

“Having been engaged with the DF2020 team for the past seven years I have always been impressed by their phenomenal knowledge and experience in developing decision-making tools and chatbot programmes. Their flexible understanding of the fit and more importantly the goals required to integrate the new technologies into something meaningful is always apparent.

Being open and receptive to new ways of working in today’s digital age full of distractions and barriers is paramount to getting chatbot initiatives off the ground and making a difference to both the user and the client.”

Martin Slijkhuis, Director Microsoft Western Europe Public Safety and National Security

“At the core Public Safety transformation will move into a participating model of collective security in which navigation across stakeholders will move into automated self-directed and self-learning models of engagement. This transformation will span the entire chain from police to Justice and transform the Judiciary system. DF2020 is ahead of its time in providing the ability to model future government Processing and Procedures as a Service.

In our envisioning with our Justice system of customers and partners we are identifying that, the future bot design as embedded element in functional services provided by transformational partners, will drive the future.

The ability to understand the magnitude of the disruptive approach DF2020 is taking, will define joint future success with the capability as a service. The road ahead is the integration of cognitive services partners that enable interaction between the human mind and computer intelligence.”