Chatbot – Market Updates 69; week-ending 18 August 2017

THE AI AND CHATBOT OPPORTUNITIES FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES LEADERSHIP A recent PWC Study identified the following top sectors at potential high risk for automation: 63% Water, sewage and waste management 56% Transportation 46% Manufacturing 44% Wholesale and retail trade 32% Learn more

Chatbot – Market Updates 68; week-ending 11 August 2017

CHATBOT MARKET TRENDS AND INSIGHTS INTO THE POWER OF CONVERSATIONAL USER INTERFACES The Chatbot market is being led by the six tech titans: Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, TenCent, Google and Apple.   SOME KEY TREND HIGHLIGHTS Transparency Market Research estimates that Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 67; week-ending 4th August 2017: The Risk of Blackbox AI Over Learning Special

THE MARKET FOCUSES UPON THE RISK OF BLACKBOX AI OVER LEARNING TO DEVIATE FROM THE NORM ‘One Rogue Leads Another’ Black-box Artificial Intelligence is where the algorithms are hidden. When Machine Learning is applied it is empowering the machine to Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 66; week-ending 28 July 2017

HR DIRECTORS, CFOs AND CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICERS ARE THE LAGGARDS FOR EMBRACING CHATBOTS TO RESTRUCTURE CHANGE Initially, those involved in marketing were quick to embrace Chatbots as a means for brand amplification. But, as enterprises start to grapple with the Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 65; week-ending 21 July 2017

Forrester Research: Chatbot Growth is Accelerating   Forrester Research claims that in 2016: 5% of firms worldwide were using Chatbots regularly. 20% were undertaking Chatbot pilots. 32% were planning to use Chatbots during 2017. Common Chatbot issues experienced by firms Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 64; week-ending 15 July 2017

Revolution in Conversations Powered by Business Intelligence and Analytics ‘Problems exist in the absence of conversation.’ According to Gartner Research the value of the Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A) market was worth US$16.9bn in 2016. Yet, this huge market hardly Learn more

Chatbots – Market updates 63; week-ending 7 July 2017

REGULATIONS ARE THE BIGGEST KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR CHATBOTS Perhaps it is time to change the way we look at regulations in context to Knowledge Management (KM): ‘refer to Market Update 62 Knowledge Management Suppresses Knowledge Management (and Chatbots)’. The Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 62; week-ending 30 June 2017

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SUPPRESSES KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (AND CHATBOTS) During 2017, conversations with Knowledge Management (KM) practitioners about Chatbots has mostly met with a wall of resistance. Indeed, the resistance ranged from their ‘priority’ focus is on overcoming cultural resistance to claiming Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 57; week-ending 28th May 2017

ARE TIER 1 CONSULTANCY FIRMS UNDER THREAT? Some of the major consultancy firms are slowly shifting their attention to Chatbots. Taking a cursory look, shows some of their activities include: 1. McKinsey & Company: Strategy; Customer Service Call Centers; Banking; Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 53; week-ending 28th April 2017. The Amazon Special Report

AMAZON TAKES THE STRATEGIC LEAD TOWARDS MINORITY REPORT CONVERSATIONAL COMMERCE The Minority Report film made in 2002 was partially influenced by a group of futurists that predicted that by 2054 conversational commerce would be pervasive. The recent Amazon ‘AWS Summit’ Learn more