Chatbots – Market Updates 85; week-ending 8 December 2017

CHATBOTS OVER-HYPE: UNDERSTANDING THE CONSTRAINTS OF NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING     As covered previously, Chatbot Natural Language Processing (NLP) is not underpinned by Artificial Intelligence that is a Singularity, all knowing, god like. Once this is obviously clear then it is Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 84; week-ending 1 December 2017

STATE OF THE CHATBOTS MARKET:  OVER-HYPED AND UNDER-HYPED AT THE SAME TIME A Revolution should be like the race between the tortoise and the hare; steady consistency over erratic speed. The Chatbot market has reached an unbelievable state. It is both over-hyped Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 83; week-ending 24 November 2017

CHATBOTS: THE LIMITATIONS OF NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING   Enlightenment is when the journey of conversation-as-a-service is unstoppable The most common misperception about Chatbots is that Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the only method for delivering conversation-as-a-service. Though this is not Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 82; week-ending 17 November 2017

CHATBOTS: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION VERSUS A PARADIGM SHIFT Chatbots, the human side of artificial intelligence, are showing significant signs of market growth, primarily due to the ability to make material reductions in costs, whilst delivering superior customer interactions. From various sources, Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 81; week-ending 10 November 2017

CHATBOTS AND BLOCKCHAIN START TO CROSS-FERTILISE There is a very early emergence of Chatbot capabilities being enriched by Blockchain. There are three distinctive use cases: Conversational Customer Consent Certain types of Chatbots provide a viable alternative to dense ‘legal’ content Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 80; week-ending 3 November 2017

JUNIPER RESEARCH: COST AND TIME SAVINGS FROM CHATBOTS Juniper Research believes the emergent evidence from using Chatbots has the potential to replace the tasks of targeted human workers through fluent conversations with human users. They believe that Chatbots will undertake Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 79; week-ending 27 October 2017

FORRESTER RESEARCH: THE CHATBOTS ARE COMING – THE REVOLUTION OF CONVERSATIONS Forrester Research has significantly increased its coverage of Chatbots especially for delivering customer service. They are already seeing evidence that Chatbots are starting to make a difference where customers Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 78; week-ending 20 October 2017

GARTNER RESEARCH: EARLY STAGE ENTERPRISE CHATBOT INSIGHTS Gartner Group have recently identified the following four emergent trends for using Chatbots in the Enterprise Call Center Help Desk: Chatbots are reducing the cost of customer queries by handling more and more Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 77; week-ending 13 October 2017

CHATBOT ‘BANK TELLERS’ BEGIN JOINING THE WORKFORCE, WITH REGTECH CHATBOTS EXPECTED TO FOLLOW IN 2018 It’s all a question of balance. DBS Bank has been recognised as the Bank of the Year, Asia by The Banker, a member of the Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 76; week-ending 6 October 2017

GDPR CUSTOMER CONSENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN CONTENT FORM ARE NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHATBOT DIALOGUE Consent is to give permission for something to happen. Consent is one of the specific EU GDPR (General Learn more