Chatbots – Market Update 102; week-ending 13 April 2018

Chatbots are growing and growing as a new form of intangibles Chatbots are gaining more and more momentum throughout the public and private sectors, worldwide. Now is the time to consider chatbots from a wider perspective. Chatbots are emerging as Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 101; week-ending 6 April 2018

Microsoft’s Chatbot in India is highly popular Ruuh is the name of a social chatbot in India as an initiative by Microsoft. In ‘her’ first year, Ruuh has achieved more than: 40 million conversations 10,000 followers Ruuh blends EQ and Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 98; week-ending 16 March 2018

Chatbots gaining momentum in mainstream Banking   In March 2018, Citicorp launched a Facebook Messenger chatbot for its consumer banking clients in Singapore. They also plan to launch these chatbot-based services in Hong Kong and Australia later in 2018. Citicorp’s Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 97; week-ending 9 March 2018

Chatbots as an enabler for Knowledge Process Re-Modelling The Problem Process Modelling is pervasive. At the lowest level process, there is often tasks that require the knowledge worker to access Complex Knowledge in the form of documents covering regulatory, statutory, Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 96; week-ending 2 March 2018

The emergence of chatbot reality as the hyped perception starts to fade Some interesting research from multiple sources are providing lead indicators into why the future of organisations will become a blend of human and chatbot workers. More and more Learn more

Chatbots – Market Update 91; week-ending 19 January 2018

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has launched a chatbot for conversation-as-a-service with its customers for supporting over 200 different types of banking tasks. Their Chatbot is called Ceba, which has been trained to handle over 60,000 different ways customers ask for Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 81; week-ending 10 November 2017

CHATBOTS AND BLOCKCHAIN START TO CROSS-FERTILISE There is a very early emergence of Chatbot capabilities being enriched by Blockchain. There are three distinctive use cases: Conversational Customer Consent Certain types of Chatbots provide a viable alternative to dense ‘legal’ content Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 77; week-ending 13 October 2017

CHATBOT ‘BANK TELLERS’ BEGIN JOINING THE WORKFORCE, WITH REGTECH CHATBOTS EXPECTED TO FOLLOW IN 2018 It’s all a question of balance. DBS Bank has been recognised as the Bank of the Year, Asia by The Banker, a member of the Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 76; week-ending 6 October 2017

GDPR CUSTOMER CONSENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN CONTENT FORM ARE NO LONGER FIT FOR PURPOSE NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHATBOT DIALOGUE Consent is to give permission for something to happen. Consent is one of the specific EU GDPR (General Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 75; week-ending 29 September 2017

THE FUTURE OF FINANCIAL SERVICES EMERGES: ANOTHER CHATBOT BECOMES AN ADVISOR AND SELLER OF LOANS The Malaysian RHB Banking Group has launched a chatbot via the RinggitPlus comparison website. The chatbot is a blend of an “advisor” and “salesperson” for Learn more