Chatbots – Market Updates 61; week-ending 23rd June 2017

CHATBOT MARKET GROWTH GATHERS MOMENTUM A report by analysts at Beige Market Intelligence expect that the global Chatbot market is likely to post a CAGR of more than 28% during 2016–2022. The Chatbot revolution is destined to revolutionize workforce automation Learn more

Chatbots Market Update 60; week-ending 16th June 2017. Apple Special Part II

APPLE LAUNCHES BUSINESS CHAT AS A FINTECH IN THE REVOLUTION OF INTERACTION     In our Markets Update 59# edition (‘Now, it seems, Apple are aligning) we showed that Apple’s Chatbot capability is now competing with other market leaders Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Learn more

Chatbots Market Update 59; week-ending 9th June 2017. Apple Special I

Apple Moves Into Chatbot Mainstream At long last Apple realigns its strategy to compete with the Chatbot Leaders: Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon and TenCent. Apple has launched HomePod to competitively take on Amazon Echo and Google Home for voice interactions and Learn more

Chatbots Market Update 58; week-ending 2nd June 2017

As Chatbots drives the world towards conversation as the ‘natural’ way to interact it does force a fundamental rethinking of marketing and the way we do business. An odd place to start is the Microsoft’s Bot Framework. Do not be Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 57; week-ending 28th May 2017

ARE TIER 1 CONSULTANCY FIRMS UNDER THREAT? Some of the major consultancy firms are slowly shifting their attention to Chatbots. Taking a cursory look, shows some of their activities include: 1. McKinsey & Company: Strategy; Customer Service Call Centers; Banking; Learn more
Chatbots – Market Updates 56; week-ending 19th May 2017

Chatbots – Market Updates 56; week-ending 19th May 2017

THE LEMONADE CHATBOT RAISES US$60m  As previously reported, Lemonade is a new type of Chatbot for renter and home insurance market Lemonade has now raised US$60m over 4 rounds involving 9 investors, including Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst and Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 54; Week ending 5th May 2017. A Tencent Special.

Tencent is the 10th largest firm worldwide and the world’s Number 1 for conversational commerce Tencent overtaken its rival Alibaba to become China’s most valuable tech firm in 2016. Today, Tencent’s market capitalisation has exceeded US$300bn. It has now reached Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 53; week-ending 28th April 2017. The Amazon Special Report

AMAZON TAKES THE STRATEGIC LEAD TOWARDS MINORITY REPORT CONVERSATIONAL COMMERCE The Minority Report film made in 2002 was partially influenced by a group of futurists that predicted that by 2054 conversational commerce would be pervasive. The recent Amazon ‘AWS Summit’ Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 51; week-ending 14th April 2017

ENIAC VENTURES RAISES US$100M FUND AND HAS SIGHTS ON CHATBOTS Eniac Ventures has a new $100 million venture fund, the fourth since the group formed in 2009. The seed-stage firm plans to use the money to invest in augmented reality, Learn more

Chatbots – Market Updates 48; week-ending 24th March, 2017

DEMISTO CHATBOT RAISES US$26m VENTURE FUNDING  Demisto has successfully raised US$26m having closed a Series B round for $20m involving ClearSky, Accel Partners, and Slack Fund. The Demisto Chatbot involves cyber security incident services, which includes: * Automating alert triage Learn more